Epoxy Resin: Adding it to MY canvas

What is Epoxy Resin?

Adding resin to your canvas can take it to a new level, but as you can see from this video (not ours, we can't afford those cars), it's not easy. 

Below are a few examples of the resin work we have done. Ask us more about it. Scroll down for prices.

How much is it?
Not cheap as it's hugely time-consuming. Any canvas up-to and including 24x36x1.5" add $250+HST (on top of the cost of your canvas). 
From 24x36x1.5 to our biggest canvas (which is 38x72x1.5") it's $500+HST (on top of the cost of your canvas). 

Why Bother?
We only resin 2% of the canvases we make. It makes darker images look like masterpieces and it means your image will last a lot longer than you will. It's not necessary, but it's great if you can afford it, on the right piece of work. Ask us more.